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Experience your birthday from anywhere!

The Kazoo App offers our customers the ability to be able to celebrate your special day from anywhere. If you can't be there in person Kazoo is the app for you.

Do you Kazoo?

With our winning combination of industry leading professionals and innovative developers, the KAZOO  team has over 30 years of mobile app & software development experience.

In that time, we have taken 10+ apps to the mobile marketplace. Our revolutionary E-commerce platform provides a one-of-a-kind user experience to change gift giving forever.


- KAZOO allows users to create an album of photos, videos and digital birthday cards.

- Our users can send gifts or donate to charities without the need for an address.

- Posts on our “BDay Party” page allow users to share the love and/or show off their gifts.

- Users create their own Birthday Wish List complete with sizes (never visible to others) so they get the perfect gift every time.


Never forget another special moment.


Send gifts up to a month in advance. Send friends perfectly sized gifts from their wish (always kept private)

Safe and Secure

Send gifts without asking for an address

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