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founder, ceo

Roland Franklin is an entrepreneur, marketing consultant and networking expert for over 20 years. Franklin has worked with fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, TMP Worldwide (Monster.com) and the Woolworth Corporation. He has also consulted and worked for many of the biggest nightlife companies in the US.

With his decades of management experience he worked to optimize logistics and sales for some of the most popular companies on the planet. Franklin’s “network” is definitely a large part of his “net-worth,” with an ever-growing list of ‘A-list’ celebrities, entertainers and major influencers. Franklin has negotiated and structured some of the largest deals in the industry.  

As founder of KAZOO, Franklin has brought together industry leading professionals and experienced creatives to build an innovative and disruptive mobile app company. His determination has been and will continue to be the momentum that drives KAZOO from ideation to worldwide recognition.

Kyle Carriere


Kyle Carriere is a Southern California native with over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur. Carriere is an experienced real estate investor with properties throughout the Los Angeles area, as well as the co-owner of a thriving property management company. Like any true entrepreneur, his ambition and inquisitive nature inspire him to continue learning and growing to expand his knowledge base and experience. Carriere is currently the Regional Sales Director of Rabbitswag INC. His leadership within the multimillion dollar was integral to their success. Carriere joined KAZOO as our original seed investor and one of the founding members. His passion for creating new and innovative brands and his business insight ensure that KAZOO is built on a foundation that will allow us to grow exponentially



James Shipp is a former college/professional basketball player and entrepreneur. Shipp founded his own consulting company aptly named Shippshape Consulting LLC. His primary focus has been to build and develop brands in creative and innovative ways. With the motto “Measure twice, Cut Once.” Shipp prides himself on his proven planning and production capabilities. Professionalism, dedication and ability have allowed him to work with brands such as Apple, Volkswagen, Revlon, Chase, Under Armor and numerous others. Shipp became the Creative Director of the Emmy Award winning production company LEGION OF CREATIVES. Working alongside executives from Disney and RocNation, James was able to push the envelope and sharpen his production skills, while amassing a powerhouse team of industry professionals. Shipp then joined forces with the C.E.S. Award winning, mobile app BallerzWorld. His U.X. and U.I. development skills, have led him to bring 5 other mobile apps to market, from mobile games to revolutionary mobile tipping platforms. Shipp’s vision, experience and determination are the driving force behind KAZOO’s successful and energetic team.



Karlo Bantan has been in the Finance industry for more than a decade. Bantan held the title of Finance Manager for the last six years and provided financing for hundreds of clients during that time. Bantan is an experienced salesman and entrepreneur, doing millions of dollars in business with some of the worlds largest businesses and private individuals. As one of the founding members of KAZOO, Bantan has been and continues to be an integral part of the KAZOO team on both the creative and business sides. Bantan’s drive, enthusiasm and infectious energy are the lifeblood of our groun-breaking platform. He is excited to continue providing innovative ideas and creative financing opportunities as he helps in launching KAZOO to the worldwide mobile marketplace this spring.


lamont reeves

cto, board member

As something of a child prodigy, at 17, Lamont Reeves was asked to work directly under the guidance of Dr. Alan Kay at Apple. He truly embraced Dr. Kay’s ideology that “The best way to predict the future is to invent it” With a major in Computer Science and minor in Math and a master in Organization Management,

Lamont used his drive and ambition to establish his own consulting firm. His firm quickly flourished as he began consulting for companies such as Fortune 500 Disney, Universal Music Group, Warner Brothers, Trader Joe’s and Comcast.

By aggregating his profound understanding of technology and successful best practices in consulting, Mr. Reeves is assisting developed Kazoo.

Elizabeth Bell

legal counsel, board member

Elizabeth Bell has more than 20 years of experience in legal representation and counsel, business management, government affairs and public policy advocacy. She puts this experience to work for a unique blend of clients including independent film, television and new media production and distribution companies, independent producers and financiers, writers and actors, new media and technology companies, entrepreneurs, small business owners, nightclubs, restaurants and gaming enterprises, Indian tribes and governmental agencies.

Ms. Bell is currently providing production legal and Indian law services for the Paramount Network’s television series Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner.  She has previously executive produced, produced and provided finance and production legal services for such films as Rob Reiner’s “LBJ,” “Shock and Awe” and Taylor Sheridan’s “Wind River,” to name a few.

As lead legal counsel for KAZOO, Ms. Bell is an integral part of the experienced and successful foundation of our team.

eric parmater

advisor, board member

Eric Parmater is a producer and seasoned entrepreneur, business owner and consultant.  Mr. Parmater is the founder and principal of ROT Films and has more than 25 years of experience in owning, operating, and growing a wide variety of businesses including restaurants and nightclubs, marketing, sales and customer loyalty programs, insurance providers, commercial and residential real-estate development, Internet companies and technology enterprises.  

Parmater developed GrooveJob.com. GrooveJob.com is an Internet-based job board, similar to Monster.com or HotJobs.com, but geared towards the high school and college demographic.  Clients of GrooveJob.com include: The Home Depot; Kroger; Seven-Eleven; Forever 21; YUM! Brands; Sears; and the United States Army.

GrooveJob.com receives over 100,000 hits per day and is the most respected job board for its demographic.
 Parmater brings an extensive and dynamic background in marketing, sales, management, research and development and creativity to work for KAZOO.

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